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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to post BVD samples?

The Designated Laboratories were informed at a recent meeting with AHI that An Post will not process packages in 2014 whereby postage is underpaid. To ensure that your samples make it to the lab please follow these guidelines from An Post; 1-5 BVD samples minimum charge is €1.05 - Please double check at An Post prior to sending your samples.

How do I take an aseptic sample?

Sample Collection Technique

1 – Label your sample pots with the cow number & quarter

2 – Clean the teats – Remove loose dirt and hair from the udder & teats by rubbing with a dry paper towel. (note if they are very dirty then it is best to wash and thoroughly dry the udder pre sample collection)

3- Alcohol – Use alcohol wipes to scrub virogously on the teat ends. USE A NEW ONE FOR EACH TEAT

4 – disgard the first stream of milk from each teat

5 – Sampling time
Hold your sample at a 45 degree angle , open cap of bottle – ensure cap stays clean! If you are doing a composite sample from 1 cow then ( i.e 1 sample per 4 teats ) then 1-2 streams per teat is sufficient.
For individual quarter sampling use a new bottle per teat.

Refrigerate / Freeze samples immediately

What are the Packaging and Labelling Requirements?

All samples submitted to the laboratory should follow the triple containment principle which is internationally agreed. (Reference WFCC Information Resource on International Postal Regulations for Shipping Biological Materials. The current UPU regulations and their background)

Do I need to add a preservative to milk samples?

Milk samples for bacteriology do not require a preservative, please ensure that they are kept cool prior to arrival at the laboratory.
Milk samples for antibody testing and PCR testing do require a milk preservative tablet.

How do I receive my BVD results?

We upload all of our BVD Virus results to the ICBF database, the ICBF then text these results directly to your mobile phone number that they have on their database.

I have not received any BVD results via text?

If you have not received your results via text then please contact the BVD helpline on 076 1064590 where they can update your details.

I had an empty BVD sample what do I need to do now?

This happens in approx 1.1% of samples whereby when we open the samples in the lab there is no tissue to test.
You will have to re-sample the animal which can be done by:

a) ordering a button tag for the animal with Mullinahone Co-op and resampling or

b) you can get a Vet to take a blood sample ** please note if the calf is less than 45 days old then the blood sample will need to be tested by the PCR test (much more expensive than ELISA test), if the calf is older than 45 days then the blood sample can be tested using the ELISA test.**

What size sample pot is required for Mastitis Culture and Sensitivity?

Milk samples taken aseptically in sterile 20ml containers are preferable.