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Herd Health Programmes

We have developed on a large scale, herd health programmes which are specifically designed to target diseases. This is done through both bulk milk tests and targeted blood testing. We work with vets on the ground in order to deliver the programmes.

AHL respond to the needs of Veterinary Practicioners by not only testing for diseases but in developing Herd Health Programmes and in training and supporting Veterinarians as they roll out these schemes on Farm. These programmes have included the J-Scan, BVD Herd Scan and IBReckoner.

The AHL management team has been involved in animal testing for over 20 years and are at the forefront of disease testing and eradication in Ireland.

AHL has developed a series of Herd Health Programmes aimed at offering solutions to Veterinary Practitioners, farmers and industry alike. The AHL Laboratory is the industry leaders in this market segment. Over the last 12 months we have developed the following Herd Health packages

  • J-Scan
  • IBReckoner
  • BVD HerdScan
  • BVD LogBook system
  • NeoGram