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STAP Feacal Testing Laboratory 2013

STAP Feacal Testing Laboratory 2013

We are a Private Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory based in Bandon, Co. Cork with over 20 years of experience. We are an ISO 17025 accredited Laboratory for both Johnes and BVD testing and are a designated Laboratory of the National BVD eradication programme. We offer quality testing and quick turnaround of results to ensure that any problems within Herds can be dealt with promptly.  Animal Health Laboratories are a designated testing laboratory for the faecal testing service to farmers for the 2013 STAP.


How to set up testing with Animal Health Laboratories:

1.      Contact AHL to inform us that you are taking part in this programme;

Phone:023 8854100

Text your details:086 4186495 (Please ref: STAP in text) ref: STAP in email)

2.      We will send you 20 x sample containers by post (10 for pre drench sampling and 10 for post drench sampling and the lab form to fill in - Note: for the purpose of receiving prompt results please include your Teagasc representative’s details and we will ensure that results are sent to them electronically. For sampling guidelines please refer to Stage 1 and Stage 3 “INSTRUCTIONS FOR FEACAL SAMPLING LAMBS”

3.      Please include payment of €34.05 (VAT included) – this covers the cost of both lots of samples (sample 1 pre drench and sample 2 post drench).

4.      Please note that samples will be stored in the laboratory for a period of 6 months - should you require and additional testing such as fluke please do not hesitate to contact us.

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