We provide bacteriology testing for both clinical mastitis cases and dry cow tube selection. By culturing the causative organisms you can take a more targeted approach to treatment selection. Knowing the bacteria will give you a better understanding to whether the problem is environmental / contagious.
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Mycoplasma bovis PCR Testing

Mycoplasma bovis (M. bovis) is a highly infectious pathogen of cattle causing pneumonia, swollen joints, otitis, and less frequently, subcutaneous abscesses, abortions and meningitis. Ineffective drugs treatments, culling of infected cows and loss of milk production can lead to significant economic loss on dairy farms.
The early detection of cows excreting M. bovis bacteria to prevent mastitis outbreaks is warranted. Reports suggest that the risk of M. bovis mastitis is higher in larger dairy herds.
The frequent monitoring of bulk tank milk to detect the presence of M. bovis, especially in expanding herds on farms that often purchase replacement animals, should be encouraged in order to detect the presence of M. bovis and to monitor the success of control procedures following an outbreak of mycoplasmal mastitis in the herd.

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