Sheep Welfare Scheme 2019 Update

Faecal Egg Counts
Below is what faecal sampling is required for The Sheep Welfare Scheme;

A) Lowland flocks to carry out a minimum of 2 Faecal Egg Counts per annum between 1st June 2019 and 30 September 2019. 

B) Hill Flocks 1 Faecal Egg Count  must be carried out on lambs within 4 weeks post weaning, depending on farming practices this can be any time throughout the scheme year.

The Terms & Conditions of the 2019 Sheep Welfare Scheme can be found here:
SWS Terms & Conditions
How it works.....

1. Contact us to arrange your Sheep Welfare Scheme testing with Animal Health Laboratories.

2. We will provide you with 10 suitable screw cap plastic containers and a zip lock bag large enough to hold all of the 10 containers.

3. You need to carefully fill out the following Form

Please insure that all information required on the form is completed. Should you omit any information this may lead to a delay or even disqualification for your payments.

4. Please ensure you comply with the Post & Packaging Guidelines.

5. Results of all samples will be returned to farmers within 48 hours of receiving the sample in the lab.

6. Testing for other parasites, such as liver fluke and rumen fluke, is not required for the purposes of the Sheep Welfare Scheme. Should you wish to add on these tests please indicate on Form FEC SWS 4.