Faecal Testing

Parasites can have a negative impact on the health of your Animals. By carrying out regular faecal analysis of target groups within herds you can manage the current status of your herd by choosing a selective dose where and when required. By dosing your animals only when necessary you will reduce your risk of resistance to products.

Our faecal analysis includes testing for the following :

Cows: worms eggs, coccidiosis, liver & rumen fluke & lungworm larvae, intestinal Roundworms

Calves: Calf Scour Profile – Rotavirus, Coronavirus, K99, Cryptospiridia

Equine: worms eggs

We partake in faecal egg count proficiency testing schemes in order to maintain quality results you can trust.

Post or hand delivery your samples directly to our lab in Bandon.

Call us on 023 8854100 for more information .



For our full list of Equine testing , please click here (this should bring us to our full list)

Pre-Breeding Screens

We are a Department Approved Laboratory for CEM testing for mares & stallions.

We offer EVA, EIA and CEM + PCR testing as  a pre breeding package. Call our Business Development Manager Directly 7 days a week for information and pricing on 0864186494.

The 2023 Equine Codes of Practice can be found here

Faecal Egg Counts – fight resistance

Do you presume that because you have a strict and regular worming regeime that your horses have no issue with internal parasites?

Resistance to chemical dewormers is a threat to your horses health. Monitor your horses Worm egg burden by simply perfoming regular Faecal Egg Counts. This will allow you as a horse owner to take control of your deworming programme safe in the knowledge that you are targeting each horse appropriately. This will allow you to see the effectiveness of your worming regime. You may find that you are unnecessarily worming horses i.e. horses with a low parasitic burden or using products that are resistant.

By monitoring Faecal Egg Counts you can decide when and what to dose for which in the long run will save you money and aviod running into resistance problems which unfortunatley can be seen with overuse / unnecessary use of dewormers.

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