Somatic Cell Count (SCC)

Somatic Cell Count (SCC) is widely used for evaluating milk quality. An increased SCC can result from an inflammatory process due to the presence of an intramammary infection.

Measuring SCC will help you to control mastitis and improve your milk quality in your herd by identifying infected animals that will need treatment.

We can help you by providing an efficient service from start to finish. Samples that are high in SCC can be cultured to identify the causitive bacteria present.

Up-to-date somatic cell count testing will help you make better and quicker decisions about treatment, drying off and culling. Regular somatic cell count monitoring of individual animals will allow you to detect infections much earlier and take preventative measures if needed, without having to strip the whole herd.

We can provide sample containers. We offer a pre pay service , purchase your containers and pay for your sample , drop or post your sample back into us , results in less than 24hrs.

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