Parasites can have a negative impact on the health of your Animals. By carrying out regular faecal analysis of target groups within herds you can manage the current status of your herd by choosing a selective dose where and when required. By dosing your animals only when necessary you will reduce your risk of resistance to products

Our faecal analysis includes testing for the following:

Cows: worms eggs, coccidiosis, liver & rumen fluke & lungworm larvae, intestinal roundworms

Calves: Calf Scour Profile – Rotavirus, Coronavirus, K99, Cryptosporidia

Equine: worms eggs, fluke

We partake in faecal egg count proficiency testing schemes in order to maintain quality results you can trust.

Post or hand delivery your samples directly to our lab in Bandon.
Call us on 023 8854100 for more information .

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