Accreditation and Quality System

It is the policy of Animal Health Laboratories to continuously improve the quality of our testing facilities and the service we offer to our customers. We are accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board to carry out BVD, IBR and Johnes testing in compliance with ISO 17025. Full details of our testing scope may be found here.

Quality System

Our Quality Manager is responsible for maintaining our quality management system and for coordinating audits throughout the year. The quality manager works with the technical manager to organise regular tests of our quality system through a scheme of inter and interlaboratory comparisons. The technical manager is also responsible for introducing and validating new tests before offering them to the public.

Animal Health Laboratories take part in a number of External Proficiency Tests (EPT) for all of our scope tests throughout the year. All laboratory staff must take part in these EPTs. An EPT consists of a number of ‘blind’ samples which are sent to the laboratory by an ISO17043 accredited proficiency testing provider. Animal Health Laboratories test these samples as normal and send the results back to the provider. In this way, the performance of Animal Health Laboratories can be compared with veterinary testing labs in Ireland, the UK, and Europe.