Prof. Dr. Ynte Hein Schukken CEO

Prof. dr. Ynte Hein Schukken

CEO Royal GD

CEO Animal Health Laboratories (Ireland) Ltd

‘The combination of diagnostics and animal health expertise is what makes GD so unique. This enables us to offer products and services that not only improve animal health, but are also convenient for our customers and generate good financial returns.’ 

Dr. Ynte Schukken is Chief Executive Officer at Royal GD in Deventer, the Netherlands and a Professor of Management of Farm Animal Health at Wageningen University with a courtesy appointment as Professor of Farm Animal Disease Control Programs at the Veterinary College at Utrecht University. Dr. Schukken’s research approach is based on understanding epidemiology and pathobiology of the diseases and population dynamics of infectious diseases in animal populations and in application of epidemiological, statistical and mathematical methods to animal disease research. Ynte worked for many years at Quality Milk Production Services at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, USA. As an expert in bovine mastitis and infectious diseases he has published extensively in the peer reviewed and public literature. Ynte also has consulted on many dairy farms across the world and taught courses to groups of veterinarians, farmers and students.

Field of expertise: bovine mastitis, endemic infectious diseases of dairy farms, epidemiology, diagnostic tests, animal health programmes